Mazda RX7

The RX-7 is a sports car model produced by the Japanese automaker Mazda. It has a rich history and is known for its unique rotary engine technology. Here’s a brief overview of the RX-7:


First Generation (1978-1985): The first-generation RX-7, also known as the SA/FB series, was introduced in 1978. It featured a compact and lightweight design and was powered by a Wankel rotary engine. This generation of the RX-7 gained popularity for its handling and balanced performance.

Second Generation (1986-1992): The second-generation RX-7, also known as the FC series, was introduced in 1986. It featured a more modern and aerodynamic design. The turbocharged model of this generation, known as the RX-7 Turbo II, gained a reputation for its performance.

Third Generation (1992-2002): The third-generation RX-7, known as the FD series, is the most iconic and famous of the RX-7 lineup. It featured a sleek, timeless design and was powered by a twin-turbocharged rotary engine. The RX-7 FD is highly regarded for its handling, performance, and balance. It’s often considered a classic among sports car enthusiasts.

Discontinuation: Unfortunately, Mazda discontinued the RX-7 in 2002 due to stricter emission regulations and challenges associated with the rotary engine’s fuel efficiency and emissions.

Legacy: Despite its discontinuation, the RX-7 remains a highly sought-after and iconic sports car. Many enthusiasts and tuners continue to modify and enjoy these cars. The RX-7 also played a significant role in motorsports, particularly in various forms of racing.

Rotary Engine: One of the most distinctive features of the RX-7 is its rotary engine. Unlike traditional piston engines, rotary engines use a spinning triangular rotor to create power. This engine design offers high-revving performance and a unique engine note.

Collectibility: Due to its limited production and enduring popularity, well-preserved RX-7 models, especially the third-generation FD, have become collector’s items and can command high prices in the used car market.

It’s worth noting that the RX-7 is distinct from Mazda’s other sports car, the RX-8, which also featured a rotary engine but had a different design and was produced from 2003 to 2012.