96 180SX type X

Type X” appears to be a reference to a specific car model, which is a modified version of the Nissan 180SX. Here’s some information about it:


Nissan 180SX: The Nissan 180SX is a compact sports coupe that was produced by the Japanese automaker Nissan from 1988 to 1998. It was part of the S13 generation of the Nissan Silvia and 200SX line of sports cars. The 180SX was known for its rear-wheel-drive layout and was popular among car enthusiasts for its sporty characteristics and potential for modifications.

Type X: The “Type X” is a trim level or model variant of the Nissan 180SX. In the context of the 180SX, the Type X is typically associated with the later models of the car. The Type X trim was introduced in 1996. It featured various enhancements and cosmetic changes, such as a distinctive body kit, different wheels, and a unique interior. It was designed to give the 180SX a more aggressive and sporty appearance.

Modifications: Many car enthusiasts choose to modify their 180SX Type X models to enhance their performance, handling, and aesthetics. Common modifications include engine upgrades, suspension enhancements, aftermarket body kits, and custom paint jobs.