1973 Savanna GT

The 1973 Mazda Savanna GT is a classic Japanese sports car known for its unique styling and rotary engine technology. It was part of Mazda’s line of rotary-powered cars, which were relatively uncommon but gained a following among enthusiasts. Here are some key details about the 1973 Mazda Savanna GT:


Model and Name: In various markets, the Mazda Savanna GT was known by different names. In Japan, it was sold as the Mazda Savanna RX-3, while in some export markets, it was known as the Mazda RX-3. “Savanna” was the name used in Japan for the rotary-powered models.

Styling: The Mazda Savanna GT had distinctive styling with a compact, fastback coupe body design. It featured a sleek and aerodynamic shape, which was quite advanced for its time.

Rotary Engine: One of the standout features of the Savanna GT was its rotary engine. In the case of the RX-3/Savanna GT, it was powered by a Wankel rotary engine, which was known for its smooth and high-revving characteristics. The specific rotary engine used in the RX-3 was the 12A engine.

Performance: The rotary engine provided the Savanna GT with good power for its size. It was known for its agility and lively driving experience. The 12A engine produced around 110 to 130 horsepower, depending on the variant and tuning.

Racing Heritage: The Mazda Savanna GT had a successful racing career in various motorsport events, including touring car and endurance racing. It achieved notable victories and contributed to Mazda’s reputation in motorsport.

Collectibility: Like many classic Japanese sports cars, the Mazda Savanna GT has become a collectible vehicle among enthusiasts. Well-preserved and restored examples are sought after by collectors.

Successor: The Mazda RX-3/Savanna GT was part of Mazda’s rotary-powered lineup, which included other models like the RX-7. The RX-7, in particular, became one of Mazda’s most iconic sports cars and had a longer production run.