Honda Accord 2001

The 2001 Honda Accord is part of the sixth generation of the Honda Accord, which was produced from 1997 to 2002. The 2001 model year received various updates and improvements over the previous years. Here are some key details about the 2001 Honda Accord:


Body Styles: The 2001 Honda Accord was available in two primary body styles: sedan and coupe. The sedan offered seating for five passengers, while the coupe had a sportier appearance with seating for up to four passengers.

Engine Options: The 2001 Accord came with several engine options:

2.3-liter 4-cylinder engine: This engine produced around 135 to 150 horsepower, depending on the trim level.
3.0-liter V6 engine: This more powerful engine option generated approximately 200 horsepower.
Transmissions: Honda offered both manual and automatic transmissions for the 2001 Accord, depending on the trim level and engine choice. The automatic transmission was a four-speed, while the manual transmission was a five-speed.

Trim Levels: The 2001 Honda Accord came in several trim levels, including DX, LX, EX, and SE (Special Edition). Each trim offered different levels of features and options, with the EX being the most fully equipped and the SE adding some extra features like alloy wheels and an upgraded audio system.

Features: Depending on the trim level and options chosen, the 2001 Accord could come equipped with features such as power windows and locks, air conditioning, cruise control, leather seats, a sunroof, and more.

Safety: The 2001 Accord came with standard safety features like front airbags, antilock brakes (ABS), and side-impact airbags in some models.

Fuel Economy: The fuel efficiency of the 2001 Honda Accord varied depending on the engine and transmission combination. The 4-cylinder models generally offered better gas mileage than the V6 models.