Avoid using both feet while driving automatic cars

In an automatic car, you typically use only your right foot for driving. Automatic transmissions are designed to simplify the driving process by automatically changing gears without the need for manual gear shifting, as opposed to manual transmissions where you use both feet (one for the clutch and one for the brake and gas pedals).


Here’s how you should use your feet when driving an automatic car:

Right Foot: Your right foot should control both the accelerator (gas pedal) and the brake pedal. Pressing the gas pedal accelerates the car, while pressing the brake pedal slows or stops the car.

Left Foot: Your left foot should remain on the footrest or floor, not used for any driving control. It’s essential to keep your left foot away from the pedals to avoid accidental simultaneous pressing of the gas and brake pedals, which can lead to loss of control.

Using both feet (left foot on the brake and right foot on the gas) simultaneously while driving an automatic car is not recommended and can be dangerous. This practice is known as “left-foot braking” and is typically used in motorsports or specific driving situations, not for normal daily driving.

Always ensure you’re using your right foot for gas and brake control when driving an automatic car to maintain safe and efficient vehicle operation.