BMW E30: A classic and Iconic sedan

The BMW E30 is a classic and iconic line of compact executive cars produced by the German automaker BMW from 1982 to 1994. It is known for its sharp handling, balanced performance, and timeless design. The E30 was available in various body styles and models, including:


Sedan: The E30 sedan was the standard body style and featured classic BMW styling cues, including the signature kidney grille and round headlights. It was a popular choice among BMW enthusiasts and offered a sporty yet practical driving experience.

Coupe: The E30 coupe had a sleeker and more sporty design compared to the sedan. It was well-regarded for its handling and driving dynamics. The 325iS, in particular, was a highly sought-after version known for its performance.

Convertible: The E30 convertible offered an open-top driving experience. It featured a manually operated soft top and was a popular choice for those who enjoyed al fresco motoring.

Touring (Wagon): The E30 Touring, or wagon, was a practical option for those who needed extra cargo space without sacrificing the driving characteristics of the E30. It was not as common as the other body styles but had its dedicated following.

M3: The E30 M3 is one of the most legendary and coveted versions of the E30. It was built for motorsport purposes and is highly regarded for its racing success. The E30 M3 was powered by a high-revving four-cylinder engine and featured sport-tuned suspension, flared fenders, and distinctive aerodynamic elements.

The E30 was available with various engine options, ranging from four-cylinder to six-cylinder engines, depending on the model and market. It was known for its rear-wheel-drive layout and balanced weight distribution, which contributed to its excellent handling characteristics.

The E30 generation of BMW cars is considered a classic in the automotive world and is celebrated for its pure driving experience. Enthusiasts continue to appreciate its timeless design and the way it connects the driver to the road. Many well-maintained E30 models are still cherished by collectors and enthusiasts today.