Countries with highest number of Road Traffic Accident

Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries: Many low-income and middle-income countries have higher rates of road traffic accidents due to factors such as inadequate road infrastructure, lack of proper law enforcement, limited access to quality healthcare, and a higher proportion of two-wheelers and pedestrians on the road. Countries in regions like Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia often faced higher accident rates.


Russia: Russia has had a notably high rate of road traffic accidents, attributed to factors like poor road conditions, harsh weather, lax enforcement of traffic rules, and a high prevalence of alcohol-related incidents.

India: India has also faced a significant number of road traffic accidents due to factors such as rapid urbanization, a large population, inadequate road infrastructure, non-compliance with traffic rules, and a high number of two-wheelers.

China: With rapid economic growth and urbanization, China has experienced an increase in road traffic accidents. Factors include increased vehicle ownership, congestion, and challenges in enforcing traffic rules.

Brazil: Brazil has faced issues related to road traffic accidents, often linked to factors such as aggressive driving behaviors, poor road infrastructure, and inadequate road safety regulations.

It’s important to note that the reasons for high accident rates are often multifaceted and can include a combination of factors, including road infrastructure, driving behaviors, enforcement of traffic rules, vehicle safety standards, and emergency response capabilities. Moreover, efforts to improve road safety can have a significant impact on reducing accident rates.