Legendary Toyota Crown

The Toyota Crown is a line of luxury sedans that has been in production since 1955. There have been several generations and variations of the Toyota Crown over the years. Here is a list of some notable models and a brief description of each:


First Generation (1955-1962):

The first-generation Toyota Crown marked the beginning of the Crown series. It was a full-sized luxury sedan designed for the Japanese market and featured a spacious interior and advanced features for its time.
Second Generation (1962-1967):

The second-generation Crown featured a more modern and streamlined design compared to its predecessor. It continued to offer luxury features and was available in various body styles, including sedan and wagon.
Third Generation (1967-1971):

The third-generation Crown saw further design updates and improvements in performance. It was known for its elegant styling and increased engine power.
Fourth Generation (1971-1974):

This generation featured a more angular and contemporary design. It offered improved comfort and safety features, reflecting the evolving standards of luxury vehicles.
Fifth Generation (1974-1980):

The fifth-generation Crown adopted a more boxy and squared-off design. It was available in both rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive configurations.

Sixth Generation (1980-1983):

The sixth-generation Crown continued the boxy design theme and introduced more advanced technology and features, including electronic fuel injection and digital instrumentation.
Seventh Generation (1983-1987):

This generation saw a shift towards more aerodynamic styling. It also introduced various technological advancements, such as electronic suspension control.
Eighth Generation (1987-1991):

The eighth-generation Crown featured a sleeker and more modern design. It incorporated advanced safety features and improved fuel efficiency.

Ninth Generation (1991-1995):

The ninth-generation Crown continued to focus on luxury and technological advancements. It offered features like four-wheel steering and active suspension.
Tenth Generation (1995-2001):

This generation featured a more rounded and contemporary design. It introduced a new VVT-i engine technology for improved performance and fuel efficiency.
Eleventh Generation (2001-2008):

The eleventh-generation Crown emphasized advanced technology and safety features. It introduced adaptive cruise control, pre-crash safety systems, and other driver-assistance technologies.
Twelfth Generation (2008-2012):

The twelfth-generation Crown featured a more sophisticated and refined design. It continued to offer a range of high-tech features and advanced safety systems.
Thirteenth Generation (2012-2018):

This generation focused on a modern and luxurious design. It introduced hybrid powertrain options and advanced connectivity features.
Fourteenth Generation (2018-present):

The fourteenth-generation Crown features a more aggressive and sporty design. It offers a range of engines, including hybrid variants, and incorporates Toyota’s latest safety and infotainment technologies.